Faith sets the limit for how far your desires can take you.

Of all the concepts I’ve learned throughout my life, I find this one to be the most important. Probably because it encompasses two of the most crucial perspectives for my daily life – Excelling & my Christian faith.


I believe that we are innately wired to excel – to surpass that which we have been handed. As babies we couldn’t walk, we surpassed that. As toddlers we couldn’t talk, we surpassed that. We learned to learn, persuade, think, organize etc. But as we got older we lost the drive to surpass…to keep growing. We fell in love with being entertained because we get to feel pleasure. Or maybe we just stop believing that we can knock down any hindrances in our way.

Maybe that’s why we fight so much…we have pent up frustration that comes from our desires being hog-tied by our lack of faith. Desire is like water running downhill, it can and will find a way around any obstacle; but it is first your faith that sets it free to do so!


My Christian Faith

However, that same principle looks a little different when it comes to my faith. My faith sets the limits for how far (to what extent) my desires can go. Although we have HUGE DREAMS, there is a limit to what I ought to do in order to achieve them. My desire is like a burning fire and all things are an option to feel its heat, but my faith says ‘No’ you shouldn’t cheat just to win. My faith says ‘No’ you shouldn’t lie to get ahead. My faith says ‘No’, you shouldn’t use the poor for your own personal gain. In my faith we call this ‘circumcision of the heart’. My faith trims my desire down to size so that it is a ‘controlled burn’.

My faith also goes against my natural ideas and says ‘No’, you can’t ‘work‘ to gain extra Love from God no matter how much you desire it to be true.

These two perspectives can seem to contradict each other but they don’t. What they’re saying is that,

You need to BELIEVE in your ability to excel in whatever you put your mind to as well as CIRCUMCISE the options that your desire may take that could mar integrity and hurt/use others.

Where are you at on this journey?


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