One of the things I like to to do is peruse the Bible to find interesting people who have a unique outlook on their life’s situations and see how I can use the lessons it shows somewhere in my life.

In Psalms chapter 119:81-88 I found such an interesting person.

Assuming it’s a man, the writer of that portion of Psalms 119 claims he was being socially oppressed and was asking God to deliver him. He likens his soul’s state to that of a dried out wine skin (one that has come to be like that through time & circumstance). Back then, drinking liquids were kept in wine skins and in time and around the smoke from night fires they tended to become more and more tough and less elastic. This guy is saying his soul feels that tired and filled with no more room to take more.

He says his soul is about to give up its life and he has been looking for a change in the situation…he’s looking for comfort.

What’s admirable about this man is that in the face of an ongoing circumstance which results were different than the promises of God he held to, he still hoped in the very word that hadn’t showed up yet. He never forsook the promises of God.

When we go through our own social struggles, like this guy in these verses, will we be able to say that we held on to the Word regardless of how hopeless a favorable outcome seemed? That is faith. This guy felt a self-proclaimed ‘unreasonable and unwarranted deathly strain on his soul’ yet he called God’s word faithful in the face of it not being realized in his life.

Can you hope in the face of hopelessness? The character Daniel in the scriptures did. His three friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did.

Sometimes I think we forget that faith isn’t the thing we experience when we see the outcome we are hoping for or when we see traces of the answer already coming. Faith is holding on to the thing that is still unseen yet has a palpable presence in the now.

Don’t give up on what you are holding on for! Keep on believing! Keep Pushing Forward!


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  1. On one sicening habit…I call it a “growth staunch.” I smiled because when I was a kid, I did the very thing -dug to see what was happening to the seed. Thanks for taking me back some and yet propelling me forward.

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