If you’re like me, you probably have some ideal goal that you want to accomplish. Some person you want to become or reveal to the world of sports.

And probably like me you’ve read books or listened to dozens of speakers talk about how to get your goals manifested. But there is one sickening mental habit that always pops up when we first start to follow our dreams.

I couldn’t come up with a general term for it (maybe you can comment and tell me what you would call it) but as usual I have an analogy.

Imagine that you wanted to have a mango tree on your property so you got a seed and planted it in the ground in the backyard of your winter home in the Caribbean. You water the place where you planted the seed and headed back inside. For a week you were just thinking about what the tree would look like and you were getting excited. You were so excited you walk outside to see if anything has changed but you didn’t see any leaves sticking out of the ground. So you dig up the ground to see if the seed has changed. You get anxious about the tree daily and continually dig up the seed even though you know you should leave it in and have patience.

That’s what we often do in life when we are chasing our goals! We look for our dreams and when we don’t see just a little bit of growth we begin to question all the principles that we know are true.

We ask questions like, “Why doesn’t coach see what I can do?” And say things like, “I’ll do this drill slowly so that it looks like I can do it well.”

We believe thoughts like, “I’ve been playing like this since high school and that’s what got me noticed…I need to keep doing the same things.” And we allow our mind to wander on things like, “I’m not good enough, I’m the worst player here.”

What’s sickening is that we know that these thoughts contradict what we know is needed for growth and reaching our goals. We know that these principles are true:

You get opportunities for bringing value into an arena.

Failure is part of the growth to success.

Your best is never found in where you are comfortable, it’s outside your comfort zone.

Your imagination controls the majority of your sense of well-being…always imagine optimistically.

If you plant your goal(seed) into these principles(ground) stop digging them up! Just Push Forward!


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