Knowledge is not powerful, applied knowledge is where power rests.

It could be food we know we should eat, exercises we know we should do, ways of communicating we know we should adopt, organizational techniques we know we should master, or mental training principles we know we should do; we will never see any desired results unless we work to apply the knowledge.

Only if it could be that simple – just do it. Right?

There are always many mental blocks that impede our willingness to do what we know. Getting the right knowledge is the principle thing…it is absolutely the first thing we should have. Then there are two more elements that we need to have in order to make movements towards applying your knowledge. And these two or inseparable.

To reveal what they are, I’ll share an old story. This story has many different versions but you can search for some newspaper clippings about the event in google. The story is about Charles Blondin, a tightrope walker.

You see, you must 1) BELIEVE so deeply that your 2) TRUST in it drives you to action in the face of major risks. One more hidden element is your 3) DESIRE to see the end result. In that video’s version, Charles Blondin’s mother desired so much to see her son praised that she stepped into the wheelbarrow.

I coach personal development for high school and collegiate athletes and the first step I lead them into is mental training. Essentially, I’m asking student-athletes to step into my wheelbarrow. Some do, some don’t.

What wheelbarrow should you be stepping into in your life right now? Take some time and see if you have the additional three elements then find an accountability partner, mentor or coach to assist you in getting in.


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