“Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” – Gail Sheely

One day a very successful entrepreneur was having a quiet afternoon in her backyard speaking with her daughter who was graduating from middle school. The daughter was asking questions about how to know what she wants to be when she grows up. Her mom began to share her thoughts on the subject.

Laying on the well manicured lawn and staring in the lemon tree above, the mom dreamily says, “Every person, whether consciously or non-consciously, has a comfort level for the way they do different aspects of their lives. Except for me! I always seek to unsettle my mind.”

“Why?” Her daughter sang back. She was swinging her dangling feet from a tree limb probably 15 feet off the ground above her mom.

“Because I like living on the edge of reality and imagination” the voice below quickly echoed back.

“What’s there?” The verbal ping pong match has begun. Her daughter now standing on her limb looking higher up to see if she can climb on to another limb.

“It’s hard to explain. You have to go to find out. It feels like Life itself. You know that feeling you get when I tell you that you are going to your favorite place the next day?”

“Omg Yeah!!” she sang back. She sat back down. Rolling her eyes into the back of her head, pressing her lips together while pushing them out, she pressed her index finger into the sides of her temple like she was trying to find a thought that escaped her.

“Well it feels like that times 10 with a little pinch of fear. It’s aliveness,” the mom continued.

“Sounds exciting. How do I get there?” the young girl sang back again.

“You sure you want to go?”

“Yes mom. I’m sure…if it means I’ll be like you one day.”

Ok. Stand up on that limb. Now, imagine you were on the edge of a cliff standing firmly on a rock 200 feet from the surface of the ocean beneath. Imagine that about 75 feet under the ocean’s surface, there is a cave opening that if you can travel through it you will find a secret cove that hardly any other person has seen. The only thing that you need to do is to temporarily surrender from the security of standing on solid ground. You must fully surrender to the leap because you don’t want to hit the water badly and you must dive well to reach the cave underneath. Can you imagine the feeling of deciding to take that plunge and the feeling of actually jumping? Can you get that imagination and feel those feelings?

“Yeah I do,” the daughter giggled, “I’m feeling something like butterflies in my belly.”

Staring at her daughter’s face, the mom speaks with excitement in her voice, “Good…yeah that’s it. Search for those feelings everyday, in every situation you enter…then jump. Do the things that give you those feelings.”

She jumped off the limb into her mom’s outstretched arms. Tumbling on the grass the daughter, still giggling, squeals, “I will…I promise!”


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