Your present is determined by what you believe about your future.

As a performance coach, I’ve spoken with many people who don’t believe that they can do something merely because they haven’t done it yet or no person has ever told them they could. So they walk around with an already defeatist mentality towards new things…especially personal change.

I’m sure we’ve thought things like or heard many friends, family or acquaintances say things like,

“This is just who I am.”
“No one in my neighborhood or family has a great life so I probably won’t either.”
“If you only know what I’ve done in my past you’ll know that I don’t deserve (fill-in-the-blank).”

And because of thoughts like these we live our present lives looking into our past for how we should feel while moving forward through life.

This is not the right way to walk through life and it’s not the true way that it is.


Actually, our present lives are really determined by what we believe about our future life. If you don’t see yourself having a great job, you don’t work hard at the one you have. If you don’t see yourself being financially independent, you spend wastefully and never save. If you don’t see yourself as an elite athlete, you cut corners in workouts.

In the coaching realm, we explain this principle with the analogy of a tree-bearing seed.

If you had a mango seed in your hand and wanted to get a mango tree you would plant it into the soil. The seed, which has the blueprint for the mango tree and the soil, which has the nutrients it takes to help build the blueprint within the seed, begins working together to grow the tree. Simple right.

The unfortunate thing for us is that we have a conscious and free-will. We have to choose to grow.

In this analogy the seed represents our faith for something (a goal) and the soil represents our heart. Our heart must go to work to read the blueprint of what we are believing for and help build it.

You must be able to control your mind in order to help yourself build the future you see.

For two minutes, forget about what has happened in your past and try to experience a glimpse of quietness. What do you see for yourself in the future? When you get that image, hold it deep in your heart and watch what you heart does to it.

Only listen to your future voice not your past ones. My father once told me that the world was my oasis, I pass that idea to you too. Build what you wish!


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