I’ve reached what is Mile 100 of my blog site and for this milestone wanted to write about my core conviction for personal development. I’ve been mentored to not bring this up during my work with individuals as a personal development coach and it’s getting more and more difficult not to.

But…I can at least mention it here in what amounts to my web journal.

My conviction? I believe that if you want to build an emotionally sustainable life for yourself that it must be built on GOD first.

My mentors agree with the premise but they do feel like when “working” as a professional it’s alright to just bring up the values and principles of Christian Life. Yes, I am a Christian (sorry to some of my friends who have seen portions of my life that don’t reflect it…but I am).

In my perspective though, I feel that to not mention what you should primarily build your life upon is like walking up to a skyline development site talking with the builders about what kind of steel, sheetrock and nails to use but not highlighting that they ought to go deeper so that the building can be on a stronger foundation to withstand the desired height of the building.

Should I wait until they erect the entire building? Should I tell them before or after other businesses move in? Maybe the building was for one of the builders who happened to be my friend. Do I tell him one day when we’re having a meeting in his conference room that his building will collapse because the height in which he resides has terrible winds and his building isn’t on a strong enough foundation? Do I wait til then?

Now, I know that that conversation with student-athletes or with adults can go badly especially if they never invited me in to the development site to begin with. I understand the practicality of my mentors advice.

We all have had our dose of speakers, teachers or coaches whose aim is to develop our excellence and talents, as well they should…I also hold the same sentiments. I know though, that the very things we chase can lead to our lives feeling upended because we placed our very existence on those things; things like money, prestige, knowledge or skill.

Life has a way of revealing that these things aren’t strong enough to build and hold a life up (they aren’t bad, they just aren’t strong enough). It just takes one unfortunate accident and I think Life is an expert at bringing unwanted changes to us.

The best person I’ve heard expound on this idea is Timothy Keller. The video below will be one of the most profound videos you ever took the time out to listen to and comprehend. I dare you to take 1 hour out of the 24 you have today or tomorrow and listen to this video. #PushForward


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