I want you to do a simple exercise for me. It’ll take you probably 10 seconds to do. Ok?

I want you to stand up in front of a mirror. Do you really realize that you exist in that body that you’re looking at? Take a look at yourself again. There you are.

You could have been through or be going through some tough times right now. Maybe it has to do with school, athletics, relationships, business ideas or any amount of things that can go wrong. But what’s undeniable is that you are standing in front of your mirror right now.

You still exist. The tough times haven’t killed you. And you’re still mentally strong enough to understand and follow instructional words.

As long as that’s the case…there’s always one more swing. One more crack at finding the solution for what’s ailing you right now.

If there’s a problem in your life, then there’s a solution. I was once told that every problem found that emerges in this world has a skill that overcomes it. Let me tell you something, if there is a problem that you feel has no solution then it’s not a problem…it’s a truth. And even truths can be overcome by other truths. Take the law gravity for instance; It’s a truth but yet we go up in planes. Don’t we?

Listen, never stop trying to fly because you haven’t yet found the truth that counteracts gravity. Keep trying. Don’t worry about failing. Failure just reveals another hidden obstacle that is now out of the way of you being able to fly.

Don’t hide your attempts because you’re embarrassed. At the end of your embarrassment you can still stand in front of the mirror…you still exist.

When you attempt to hide the things you’re insecure about (failed attempts), pride is birthed. Pride will always stunt your growth and drive away your solution. Pride never listens to advice…not because you don’t want it or need it but because you have already chosen to hide/dress up your inefficiencies by pretending that everything is ok.

But as you look in the mirror, you know everything is not like you portray it to others. Stop!…. Take a breath.

Now look into your eyes through the mirror until you’re staring into your pupils and say this, “There is a solution, Find it.



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