When Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem he often had harsh words for the religious elite. So much so that now I hear many preachers say that Jesus is against the religious folk…the self righteous folk…the ‘spiritual uppity’ folk. That may be so. I believe that primarily he was coming at them because of one thing, and that one thing is most important to Him and it should be to you too.

That one thing is the reason Jesus had tough words for them. That one thing should be the center of all your moments.

Jesus wasn’t attacking the religious teachers because they were religious, he was coming after them because they were given the task to take care of the hearts of those that were given to them. They were the ones who were given influence in their society and were handling their position poorly.

You see in the scriptures Jesus related how He actually saw things; He said that the teachers were like farmers that He invited to tend His vineyard (hearts of people). And Jesus was looking to see what kind of fruit was growing in the people’s lives and all He saw was barrenness, stress, anxiety, hopelessness and fear. Because of that Jesus verbally thrashed the farmers.

When God gets on the scene it’s not the people who are doing bad things that will be first observed, it’s the teachers/influencers/bosses of this world. So as a coach, parent, musician, teacher, manager etc, you ought to think about what you are teaching to the hearts of those that are listening.

What you teach their hearts to believe and follow is what is of the utmost importance to God.

Maybe you can ignore this perception that I’ve laid out and wait to hear from God that you are: a serpent, a wolf in sheep clothes, filled with only hidden/personal agendas. Maybe you’ve chosen not to work for the ‘land owner’. I don’t know.

If you have influence, here are some questions for you to ponder:

When others are listening to you, what are you attempting to grow them into?

Is that thing something for which God will be proud?

What kind of fruits are the hearts of the people that are under your influence actually producing?


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  1. Thought provoking! May God help us as leaders to really think soberly about what we are putting out – into the hearts of our hearers and followers. Thought provoking indeed!

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