In life, anything not acted upon with higher purpose will end up in decay, atrophy or good old fashion breakdown.

IF you decide to stop actively thinking (ex. reading, new conversations etc), your brain will begin to shut down its neurons. Meaning your brain will have less computing power.

IF you stop lifting weights, your muscles will begin to shrink.

IF you had a garden and you decided to stop tending to it, it will naturally grow weeds then turn into an unsightly plot of bushes.

IF you went away on a trip for a month and left your car parked up and no one started your car for you or moved it, when you get back your brakes may be squealing because of the rust and your battery might be dead for lack of use.

Even your home will fall apart if you leave it unattended.

I think you get my drift by now.

There is no thing that can remain in its natural state forever. BUT, we have a great blessing as humans to be able to purposefully affect our lives and the existence of other living things while on our journey through purposeful action.

As student-athletes you must get this principle. You must keep in mind that there is never a moment that you will get to where you can stop working to improve. That place does not exist. The moment you stop is the moment you begin to atrophy.

The one thing that will stop us from growing is our perception, and that is why I write these posts –  to give different perspectives that you can hold to.

Know this as well…Your life can only grow up to the limits of what you believe. What you believe about what you can do and become is like building a fence around your actions. Because of this truth, think about this question. IF you did everything that you believed you could do, according to the borders that your belief built, what happens then? What happens when you believe you can’t grow anymore? Atrophy?

We should fear atrophy more than we do BIG dreams of ourselves that seem unrealistic. Push Forward! Never stop moving!


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