If you are living through a rough time now, take your time and read this…meditate on it. Let this be the whisper of your heart and watch what begins to happen for you. I’m believing with you that God will answer.

God, will me justice.

For the circumstances that caused my heart to hide, to fear, to birth lack of confidences.

Will me justice for the pain that drapes like thick fog over the sparks of my gifts.

God will me the courage to fight the enemies of mind that are in stealth but whose pitter-patter of feet I hear daily.

God have your vengeance within me against those things that mean to obstruct the glory that you wish to emanate from me.


God, in your righteousness, soothe my wounds.

The ones that are too deep for normal companionship to heal.

Anoint my eyes to observe the strength in my scars…to see the beauty in that altar.

Grant me the warmth of your hope; stretch my vision again.


God, strengthen my grip to hold on to the awakened narrative about my life.

The one that you gave me from the moment of my birth.

The one that made you smile.

God, will me justice. Give me the ROAR of my being!

Will me to BE!


If this spoke to you, and you know someone who can use this encouragement please share it with them. #PushForward



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  1. A great prayer – “Will me.” I pray that everyone who reads the “Prayer of Personal Development” may find their true self, only as they hope and trust in God in their quest to know Him, to understand and to develop in their personal life in and through God. Thank you for the inspiration of this post- ‘WILL ME.”

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