I bump into many Christian folk who believe that the discipline and technical approach of Sport Psychology is unnecessary. I’m often the person who the joke is on. They feel like it’s a bunch of hocus pocus.

In all truth, I believe they don’t respond favorably to it because they ‘don’t see it in the Bible‘. Well, for that reason, this post is written. And for those who probably may have a concern with what you’re about to read, please, by all means, share it with your pastor.

20160410_091154This will be a quick verse breakdown then some simple questions at the end. Here is the verse.

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

Because the verse was written in Hebrew, we MUST use the Hebrew definitions to understand it best. We often tend to use our English definitions but that wouldn’t be accurate. So now, let’s take out 5 key words, define them, then reword the verse to best fit what we find.

In Hebrew means to watch over, to preserve, to protect. The keeping doesn’t refer to possession but to the work of preserving. It’s like saying to friend, ‘Can you watch my car for me, I’ll be traveling for a month’.

In Hebrew means your feelings, will, intellect, motives, desires etc. It literally means your entire inner person/soul/mind.

In Hebrew actually means a guard. Just like a prison has a guard at its post watching over the prisoner, that’s the function this term diligence refers to. And the entire phrase ‘with all diligence’ makes it more strong. That phrase means ‘more than anything else and with all, guard…’. It intensifies the command to guard.

This doesn’t mean ‘Man, that person has issues’, like how we usually use that statement. It simply refers to the function of exiting from one place into another (ex. like traveling out of a city with a border into another land). Issue means departure from a source. The story in the gospels of the lady with the issue of blood means that the lady had blood constantly exiting her body.

In general, the tense of this term represents the state of living as opposed to that of death. This is the state of your life.

Here is the reword:

More than anything else in your life, watch over your inner person like you are a guard at post; because out of there will exit the state of life in which you will live.

Here’s my question: Do you know how to do this? Do you know how your mind works? Do you know which skills to develop?

This is what peak performance teaches – how to guard against fear and doubt, how to bring forth confidence and much more. And the techniques are scattered all throughout the Bible also.

I hope this reached you in time to #PushForward #ReadProverbs4




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