In my last post I ended with this thought:

More than anything else in your life, watch over your inner person like you are a guard at post; because out of there will exit the state of life in which you will live.

I followed that up by asking if you knew how to guard or what specifically you should be looking to do. Well today I’ll share with you what I call the 4 gates to our heart that needs to be guarded.

I came up with this psychological assessment tool as I reflected on some of my work as a coach and I find it to accurately represent the hidden and known thoughts that arise from within us. Those thoughts are what will set the state in which you will live!

Here are the FOUR gates:

  1. How you perceive other people
  2. How you perceive the situation you’re in
  3. How you think others perceive you
  4. How you perceive yourself

Since we are in spring now, here’s how you can view this. Consider this your ‘psychological spring cleaning’. Here’s what I would like you to do:

  • Get a blank sheet of paper (or use your computer).
  • Reflect of every aspect of your life one by one. (ex. sports, work, relationships, goals etc.)
  • For each aspect, write down what is being said at each gate

This portion of this awareness exercise is for you to know why you feel how you feel when entering any one of the environments that represent the aspects of life you’ve written down.

Naturally what needs to happen next is to find out which gate is weakest and unhelpful. The process is too lengthy to place in this short post, but there are mental skills that need to be strengthened so that you can guard better.

What’s the benefit of doing this exercise? There is a power in being able to identify/label what is happening within you. There is a well known thought within psychology that says ‘ you can’t defeat what you don’t label/know’, and that is a stark truth.

Take this spring and find out a little more about yourself. #PushForward

IF you have some additional insights share them with your comments.

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