For good or bad, belief will direct your entire life. You will not do or become something you don’t believe that you can do or become.

I can hear people saying now, ‘But what about those people who say they didn’t believe they would be where they are now?!’

My response would be that they did believe…even if just a little. They were still willing to try. They were willing to be vulnerable enough to attempt it even if they believed they may not attain it. All it takes is that mustard seed belief for great things to happen. If they really didn’t believe, they wouldn’t have attempted whatever they are doing now.

Imagine that some couple stopped to ask me for directions to the mall in my area. I begin to tell them that they are not that far away and it’s a straight shot with limited turn offs. I also tell them the landmarks to look for and what it means when they see them.

If they really believe what I’ve told them, their minds will automatically shut off any other thought options. If they don’t believe me at all, they will drive away and do their own thing. If they seem doubtful, when they bump into a landmark, they will question whether they should continue listening or follow their own leanings.

Whatever they decide to do will always bring with it a consequence (i.e. being lost, wasting time or pulling into the mall’s parking lot).


Why do I mention this? Because I want to refresh our minds with what actually makes consequences show up in our lives. I want to refresh the minds of our student-athletes to the thing that will give them the chance to play for it all. I want people to know that Belief is the core of all human actions and it’s triggered by trust.

Belief carves out your territory and the direction you take within that territory, based on where you are now. Sometimes the directions can take you to the bottom of a tall mountain and tell you to climb up. It’s at that point you have to decide, ‘Do I doubt’ or ‘Should I trust’.

In your life, whatever you decided at those junctures, shows in however you feel about where you are now. You are either lost, wasting time or getting ready to push forward towards the greatest times of your life. #PushForward

And this principle holds for every person.


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