When it comes to developing your mind to get your best performance, it would be good to remember that you have a part to play.

Often times when I speak with student-athletes and coaches I get the feeling that they believe that you can get a mindset just like you can go into a supermarket and pick up a loaf of bread. IF it were that easy, every person would be playing at their peak always.

But I would say this. Once you “get it” you will never look at your approach to life the same again. Your entire nature will change. So what do I mean by “get it”.

There is an excerpt from one of my favorites authors, C.S. Lewis, in his book Miracles, that highlights the point I want to make.

The laws of nature produce no events, they state the pattern to which every event have only and can be induced to happen must conform….To think the laws can produce it is like thinking that you can create real money by simply doing sums. For every law says in the last resort: “If you have A, then you will get B” But first [you must] catch your A. The Laws will not do it for you

If you find that excerpt difficult to understand, here’s what I believe it is saying coupled with what I am attempting to bring out.

Human nature is governed by laws also. The laws only explain what happens, it does not create it. We know, as continual learning sport psychology educators, that your best performance (B) will be the result if you acquire the correct mindset (A). But you first must catch your A then nature will do the rest.

The distinguishing difference between human nature and all the others is that we as humans are experiencing our consciousness (we are in a constant state of choosing). We choose whether we will develop or not, but if we lock in to the mindset, we grow. We choose whether or not we’re effective. We choose if we listen.

That choosing is what stands in the way of every person’s best expression and builds what they will be remembered for.

Is it easy to “get” the mindset, no…but is it worth it, absolutely. I wrote this post just to wake you up to the choice you have to make every day of your life. And I kinda wrote it to get you to think a little. I know it wasn’t an ‘easy read’ but it’s good for collegiate student-athletes to sharpen their critical thinking minds.

IF you want to know what the journey of acquiring the mindset is, contact me.



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