Below is a excerpt from Steve Seibold’s book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. This was so good when I read it today that I was compelled to share it. I have often shared his insights in my blog and today is no different. I must say that as a personal development coach, I find what he mentions to be spot on. I can actually feel the difference when I speak with an athlete who wants that edge and others who don’t. It feels like someone is pulling something out of me. Anyway enjoy Mr. Seibolds’ insight.

Corporate America and entrepreneurs are starting to catch on to something athletes have always known: If you want to maximize your potential in anything, hire a coach. Coaching is to performance what leadership is to an organization. Since human beings are primarily emotional creatures, competent coaches are experts at stoking the fires that burn within – assuming there is already (at least) a small flame. Coaches can’t create the flame, but the good ones can turn a small flame into a blow torch.

World-class coaches won’t even accept a client if they fail to find a flame inside. They know the flame is the prerequisite for greatness. Average people will only accept the amount of coaching their egos will allow. Champions are well known for being the most open to world-class coaching. The bigger the champion, the more open-minded they are. The great ones couldn’t care less about ego satisfaction when it comes to improving their results – all they’re looking for is an edge, no matter how slight.

Their logic behind this is simple: when two champions go head to head, many times the only thing that favors the winner is a slight edge in thinking, strategy and technique. All champions look for that one little advantage that great coaching can provide.

Honestly, would you consider yourself to be someone that wants that edge?


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