While attending college one of the most important decisions you can make is figuring out who will be your friends. If you have been a student-athlete for any length of time, you know how detrimental having so-called friends can be to how you perform.

Listen, there will be many people you bump into on a college campus that can take you out on costly outings, buy you expensive things or even have you looking on point riding in luxury cars. As great as that sounds that shouldn’t be the barometer for you deciding who your friends will be.

My take is simple. Real Friends are decided only by things that are priceless. Only then can you know that they won’t sell you out or barter you off for the “upgrade”.

I dabble in poetry/prose writing so I’ll make my point that way. Here goes. This piece is titled: Bed & Breakfast (A Soul’s Hope)


You know what’s priceless?
Giving somebody a reserved seat in your ear
where the waiter keeps the glasses filled
and the chef knows, with wise expertise, how to keep tastes charged

You know what’s priceless?
Extending the stay to a room in your heart indefinitely
where the late night sleeps are Egyptian cotton comfortable
yet the endless calls to arise and face every type of morning are just as inviting

You know what’s priceless?
that while the coffee is brewing
you smell the aroma of unstringed motivational reminders
not harpooned to some future expected exchange…not rising from an i.o.u – no agenda, just love

That’s a friend
That’s a lover
distinguished only by choice
That’s the logic of the seeking soul

I hope you have do have real friends because they are what mental trainers call your support team, and every athlete needs that team. Be blessed and #PushForward



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