When I was a young child, there was an Aesop fable that I always liked – The Story of the Grasshopper & the Ants.

I’m certain (maybe) that every student-athlete, in high school and college, have heard of the story before. Below I’ll post a video of the story which I found on YouTube and I want you to notice who they made the video for, in terms of age group. The reason I’m posting the video and mentioning the age group is because as a coach who is around high school and college student-athletes, I still notice that the lesson may not have been learned yet.

Check out the video

I have seen year after year athletic coaches wanting their athletes to work hard in the off-season but it seems like these young adults have the sentiment of the grasshopper. It’s like the athletes are saying,

“College is for having fun. Summer is only for having fun. Anyway, I know that whenever games begin I’ll be ready.”

Really??? More often than not, the athletes that don’t work on their game or strengths, find themselves in a tough place when they are either sitting on the bench or can’t bring their playing level up to where the game level is being played.

College and High School athletes, I know that like to think that you know what you are doing and consider yourself ‘grown’ but if you haven’t learned and applied the lesson from this fable when you were a child then you haven’t grown much yet.

I know that you know better. I know that you want to be great at your sport! But remember hoping for the best isn’t a helpful strategy for greatness. You must put in the work in order to be ready for the tough times. Rethink the way you approach your sport.

Store your greatness so you can have it when the time comes.

This post wasn’t meant to bring shame to you. It is meant to wake you up!

The fables moral of the story is to ‘always prepare for what you will need in the future.’ The Sport Psychology moral of the story is ‘if you don’t have control of your attention, you cannot direct yourself.’ Think about it. #PushForward


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