When I worked as a salesman for a business-to-business marketing company, we always had to get ourselves amped up for our day. One of the things we did was have someone share something that they learned from a personal development point of view everyday.

I remember vividly, one day when a young lady spoke about 9 success principles. I want to share them with you today. (Actually she had about 15 points but I boiled them down to nine).

There aren’t any speakers nor blogs that will change your life immediately but I believe that if you listen carefully, you can begin that process now.



Here are the 9 principles:

1). Be Grateful
To begin making any important moves in your life towards any powerful end, you must first be grateful for what you have. I’m not talking about material things, I’m talking about your mental and physical faculties and those of those around you. Being thankful opens up your mind to find solutions that a hardened and unthankful mind wouldn’t be able to pull up.

2). Think BIG
Thinking big allows your mind to subconsciously look for all the options that it can take for you to get to where you want to go. Thinking big isn’t for the reason of actually attaining it but for the reason of stretching your mind to notice all the pathways that you can take. This is a powerful exercise. And I do mean exercise because if you have been living with limits on your imagination then this will be difficult for you to do.

3). Set a Clear Vision
You must then see very clearly, with emotional ties, what your “there” looks and feels like. Why? It helps the beginning process of realizing what you will need. Again, this isn’t some magic thing where you will get what you see but it definitely begins to get you ready to move.

4). Prepare
Now that you see where you want to go, you can now prepare yourself for what you will need to get there. Because what you see is so clear, you can tell what skills or people you need to pick up on your way toward what you see. But without seeing, how would you know what to prepare for? Make sure when you are preparing that everything is written down, for you to see daily.

5). Get Started
This is the toughest thing to do. There are many people who see and prepare but procrastinate their action because of fear. They either fear success, fear failure or fear not looking competent. We have this innate desire to want to know that we know how to do something. We could potentially be able to do something but because we don’t know for sure, we rather not do it. We’re so enslaved to our ego that we have to soothe, comfort and satiate it in order for us to do anything. BREAK OUT OF THAT BONDAGE!

6). Commit
You will never commit to anything that you don’t believe you can accomplish. Facts! You MUST believe that you can get there as you begin to move out. That belief is the only thing that will keep you committed.

7). Focus On Growth
While moving forward, there will be inevitable stumbles and shortcomings. When you are moving forward never forget that you aren’t where you began any longer. Your experiences through your falls and shortcomings are growth moments and lessons for other people who are making the trip after you and for insight as you move forward should you see any of those signs again. Always think about how much new things you have picked up.

8). Rid Yourself Of Negative Influences
This should be self-explanatory but if it isn’t, know this…words direct attention. If you hang around people who are negative or are trying (possibly unknowingly) to shift your attention from what you’ve already envisioned, they are not your friends. Get rid of them. Stick with people who want to see you succeed on the goal you have set from the beginning.

9). Maintain Determination
You have to find some place where you can “refuel”. Taking the journey towards what you want most is tiring and it depletes your energy. Find a place where you can get inspired and motivated. Donate your time and help those less fortunate than you…you begin to have a better perspective on things after that. Find a website or a “fellow-traveler” that can share their experiences with you…that helps as well. Take some time and think about the people who will benefit from what you are trying to accomplish and are now just waiting for you to get it done. What happens to them if you don’t keep going???

This is a simple list but I hope you found some new inspiration by reading it. #PushForward


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