I know it’s Olympics time! And I absolutely love it but every time I hear the word Olympics I get thoughtful. Yes, I’m already a naturally thoughtful individual but I get overly introspective with the word Olympics because the spirit of the Olympics is what my work has been founded on.

IF you were to add up the actual length of time, on average, it takes to play your sport it would be less than significant compared to the length of time you will would be alive. So why do we place so much weight on a game??

I’ll tell you why.

It’s the same reason you spend time getting ready for a night on the town – you want to represent yourself in the right way.

All student-athletes desire to represent themselves well in their sport but it’s rare to see those that actually put in the full effort to be able to do so.

You see, it takes much less physical effort in preparation to dress well in order to represent yourself while out than it does to prepare to perform well. Desire isn’t what’s missing but the perseverance of effort is.

Could you imagine if student-athletes treated going out to party like they did their sport performances? 

Can you see a dude with half a haircut (one side of his face shaved the other shaggy)?? Or bad taste in how to match clothing??

Can you picture a young lady with one eye lash, one lip with lipstick the other bare, one hand with no pedicure, shoes not matching??? Or with baggy jeans like it’s the 90’s??? NEVER HAPPENING!

That would be crazy! In fact, their friends wouldn’t even allow them to go out looking like that…AT LEAST NOT WITH THEM!!!

I’ve been around athletes for a while and I know that every season there are teammates that allow the members on the team to not represent fully! Why? My guess is because they themselves don’t want to give the effort it takes either so, “Let’s NOT represent together.” That definitely is not the “spirit of Olympics (sports)”. #PushForward #JOC

So here are three questions for all student-athletes for this upcoming school year:

What do you want to happen for you in this upcoming season?

Are you willing to prepare with full effort for it?

Do you have teammates who will NOT allow you to represent yourself badly?


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