Last night I watched the remake of the cult classic Point Break. I thought the new version of the film lacked character and plot development but then again I’m no movie buff and this isn’t a blog site for film critique.

I only mention the movie because there is a line in there that stands out to me. And since then, I’ve heard and read the exact same idea from different sources.

The characters were on the bottom of a mountain preparing a climb to the summit for some cliff diving using wing-suits and were having a conversation about pushing boundaries. The leader of the crew was explaining to the newbie how to let go and “accept the wind” as you fall or else you will hit your point.

“What point?” the newbie asks.

“The point where you break. The point where fear becomes master, and you its slave.” was the reply.

That quote carries within it the core story of life and expresses why life around us right now is how it is. What’s the core story? Every person in life started off wanting to be/get better. Every “type” of person (i.e. infants, athletes, religious folk, politicians, parents, friend, gamer, entrepreneur etc) wanted to be better until they reached a situation that they didn’t expect.

Maybe that thing was a disappointment, failure, traumatic accident in family, financial debt or embarrassment. Whatever it was, it broke you and you stopped pushing forward. That’s the point where fear became your master and you its slave.

For some people it happens early in life and others hold on a little longer. Some people allow that breaking point to be their environment and others an experience.

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As a peak performance coach for student-athletes, what I see most often is that accepting a particular mindset itself can be the breaking point. You could be in a good environment and nothing traumatic has happened to you but the mindset you hold doesn’t benefit you. Mindset is the toughest thing to convince others that they have to change because whatever mindset we naturally have we presume it’s the right one for us, hence our reluctance towards change…it’s our comfort zone. It’s the place we have to claw out of!

I didn’t write this to share any tips for you to get through your fears but to give you the perspective that if you aren’t pushing forward you are already a slave to fear. You’ve already hit your breaking point and probably didn’t even know.

Introspectively, take a look around your life and answer this: Are there areas in your life (i.e. relationally, talent-wise, skills) that you have stopped attempting to grow and push forward because you believe that the situation can’t change or you are inherently limited in some way to complete the journey??

The only tip I’ll leave is…Let go & trust that God made you strong enough to become. Listen carefully to the video below!

Reach out to if you want to begin building a peak performance mindset! Either way #PushForward #JOC


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