Once again I”m sharing a piece from the book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class by Steve Siebold. In it Steve shares one of the major drives of the world class but it’s also a drive that everyone is pushed by. I agreevwith what this piece highlights. Take a look.

177 mental toughness secrets


“I have discovered a fascinating thing: men will die for ribbons.” – Napolean, 1769-1821, emperor of France

Average performers tend to believe money and material possessions are their greatest motivators, yet I haven’t seen a single study that backs this up. Amateurs don’t know themselves as well as they might think. The human mind is a complex computer with deep recesses that must be fully explored if we are to truly know ourselves and what drives us. The only way this can be achieved is through extensive introspection.

This is one of the reasons some performers visit therapists and counselors when they are not really in need of serious attention. It gives them a sounding board, an opportunity to have someone listen and ask intelligent, probing, introspective questions no one has ever asked them before. Ask a counselor how many people visit each week for this reason – you might be surprised.

World-class performers know themselves, and they know what drives them. The single most popular motivator for performers of all classes is recognition, even though many people won’t admit it. Human beings are emotional creatures who may be embarrassed by the fact that they are not entirely logical. It’s almost as though logic has more credibility…except with the world class. They will tell you they are highly motivated by recognition.

Recognition is the master motivator because it validates us to ourselves, and reminds us that we really are good enough, smart enough, and competent enough. Most people are walking around with an inferiority complex of one kind or another from years of negative programming from parents, teachers, coaches and other amateurs of great influence.

This programming can be overcome, but recognition will always be a mental massage for a bruised psyche. Champions know and embrace this with themselves and their charges, while the amateurs struggle to become more logical.

Actions Steps for Today
Set a goal to recognize the important things your teammates do. Words of recognition are long remembered and highly treasured. #PushForward


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