Today is Labor Day in the United States – where we honor the achievements of American workers who have contributed to the social and economic well-being of America. Labor day is the day in which we pay tribute to the hope of a strengthening workforce and the growing strength of our economy…(Oh and the end of summer).

As a performance coach and an adjunct professor I’m around collegiate and high school students who will be part of the future strengthening of America’s workforce.

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But here’s an issue that I’m witnessing more often in education that is causing me great concern – following of the capitalistic culture in education.

I want to be specific here, so this is what I mean. In business, you follow what the customer wants. If a customer’s behavioral tendencies change, business creates a model around that behavior so as to capitalize on the current trends. Education should not be like that.

Teachers have noticed that kids don’t want to go through the process of learning if it doesn’t come easy. If a kid was given a book to read and they didn’t understand the first sentence, chances are they will either keep reading without understanding it then be mad because the book was difficult. Most kids today won’t re-read the sentence with a dictionary next to them to make sure they understand what the book is saying.

And what teachers are doing today is helping them by doing the heavy lifting for the student instead of letting the student learn how to break down abstract thoughts themselves.

Academic rigor should be a major part of education. It helps to form brain connections and grows mental skill that can’t be developed otherwise.

Business is in the ‘business’ of making things that are desired and efficient for their consumers; education is in the business of introducing subjects and developing mental strengths for their students (not consumers).

I’ve notice this culture of business taking-over the culture of education, religion and media today.

I’m neither a prophet nor economist but my simple foresight tells me that a massive amount of the future workforce will be less productive. Why? Because the young people today are used to having tough ideas and circumstances not reach their mind unless it has been broken down or the critical thinking element in it has been sucked out.

Below I’ve posted a film trailer parody of the movie Spotlight that I saw on a segment for ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’. The full segment was about how journalism is changing and morphing into click-bait digital footprints following a business model and not chasing real stories. You can watch the full segment here. (To whom it may concern: there are cuss words in the video)

The workforce doesn’t need soft-minded people who doesn’t know how to push forward and for that matter neither does sports! Happy Labor Day! #PushForward #ImOnMyJOC


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