So you want to reach the dreams or goals that you set out to reach but find yourself falling short. You listen to all the motivational videos and can talk about all the buzz words in personal development but still you haven’t been able to pull it together long enough to be consistent.

Below I share 2 principles that I was taught to keep me moving forward.

1. Stop thinking about your WHY and experience it
We’ve all heard that your why will keep you going but how many of you know your why but it isn’t enough. Most coaches will say that knowing your why will push you forward but for some people that won’t work. Some people need to experience their why! Here’s what I mean.

IF what you’re trying to accomplish is going to benefit your family, parents or kids, make some time weekly to have that talk with them personally. Whoever your why is meant to impact, make time to personally be around them and soak up the energy that comes from those meetings and let your responses take over. Those raw moments will propel you towards action. Why? Because you won’t be able to see those people you want to help in a state that isn’t where you dream they should be.

2. Stop trying to be something else and just BE!
Aren’t you tired trying to be somebody? If you continue trying to be somebody you miss out on the you you already are. The truth is, your dream, if it is a position or material possession isn’t really what you are trying to get to. In truth you are actually moving towards a more skilled person. You don’t actually manifest a status, title or position, you actually are manifesting YOU.

The only thing you have in this life is yourself. You cannot manifest anything in life that you do not have! When your skills develop, only then can what you experience change. People who chase things and luckily get them tend to lose them because they didn’t develop their skills(like lottery winners).

In order to manifest your true self you have to be aware of who you are, accept who you are and recognize which path towards growth you will want to take. And along the journey towards growth, BE who you are at every point .

Remember this. What you want to get in this life is not as powerful as who you are in this life. #PushForward #JOC


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