I feel like I’m walking forward through a field with my arms cascading down the side of my body and my palms facing to the front. I feel the thigh high grass funneling through the space between my fingers.


This is how I travel my mind’s topography.

Deeper in, there is a walled city with 4 gates (each one respectively facing North, East, West and South). What that city produces define what I do with my life.

It’s the reason I’m patrolling these fields in the outskirts of the city. I find extreme purpose in protecting the way to the city from things that mean to control and bring hurt.

Lately, I feel like I’m being watched. I was patrolling around some hidden pathways when I’m sure that something was looking at me from the bushes. I’m not afraid of what’s there because I’m well equipped to deal with whatever it may be. But it’s HOW it’s following me that has me concerned!

Sometimes I can sense that it’s right up and close yet it doesn’t reveal itself or do anything and other times I can hear it running hard ahead of me like it is trying to set a trap for me. This is why I’m always watchful of my steps and surroundings. I must say that I’m a bit paranoid over this thing and I have to admit though, my senses are heightened because of it which is a good thing for my assigned duty.

I’ve been asking my friends/fellow patrol guys if they have been noticing anything. They say no but that they sense something in the air.

I traveled to the city gates to speak with the wise man there about what has been happening out in the outskirts.

He smirked and mumbled, “That’s them aright.”

I immediately leaned forward, “Them who!?”

He squinted his eyes scanning the horizon towards my patrolling ground while slowly nodding his head saying, “Goodness and Mercy hunts you.”


“They hunt for ways to show kindness to you and deliver you from our enemies. And let me tell you, they finish what they start!”

“So you trying to tell me that my blessing has me paranoid?!”

Don’t overthink the situations you find yourself facing. Trust that you’re being hunted. #PushForward #Psalms23:6


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  1. Walking with you on your journey of “Goodness & Mercy” is impacting. May they overtake you and may all who read this introspective find and embrace these gifts of a Great God who cares for all. Keep watching; keep patrolling; the steps of a good man are ordered/directed/guided by the LORD.

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