In today’s post I would like to reach out to Christian Athletes.

And this post will be the shortest post I’ve ever written. It comes in the form of a question that I need help understanding.

How can you easily accept that Christianity asks you to be perfect like Christ (which is an actual impossibility but you still journey towards that goal), but when asked if you can win a national title in your sport you act like that journey is unrealistic and not worth even thinking about????Image result for decide

The truth is, every person only pursues what they truly want. Pursuit is the proof of desire. I feel like athletes have forgotten what athletics is about. I believe that student-athletes make the excuse of the national title being unrealistic because they don’t want to work super hard to become their absolute best and not because they believe that thinking about wins diminishes the purity of their sport.

You follow after Christ because you decided to and that’s all you need to do for any other goal – decide.


“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson            #PushForward

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When you have free time make sure you check out this message titled The Christian Athlete by Tom Patton…click here.


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  1. An eye opener. I hope that every christian athlete read this. In fact, I hope everyone who reads and still sits in the “valley of decision” need their head examined. Thanks for pushing forward.

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