There are only three useful elements in having great personal performances: skills, physical stamina & mindset. If at any time you don’t have a performance that you know you should have it’s always going to be a deficiency in one of those three things.

I want you to read the following story and at the back end I’ll share what it is analogizing:

A woman decided to spice up her happy but otherwise noiseless life by adopting a baby boy. She was happy at the adoption agency, on the way home and the first night as she watched her new addition to her life fall asleep. A week went by and she had enough…her emotions were shot.

She threw the baby into a small closet alone for days on end. And when she felt like up to it, she dragged the baby out and washed the baby off with a hose then…*plump*….back into the closet. The baby cried endlessly.

She fed the baby sometimes but the baby never experienced a real personal loving touch. By the time the baby grew into a toddler his motor and mental functions were a bit slow but every moment that he heard kids playing outside he yelled with excitement. That yelling was more than this busy and now distracted single mom could take.

She found that if she took the boy outside he got so engrossed in the grass, mud and insects that he would quiet down. So she tied him with a chain to a tree in the back yard away from the other kids outside and went back inside. He would stay out there for hours just marching around oblivious to his own abuse.

I’m positive that there are angry emotions shooting through your body right now even though this story is made-up. But why did I make it up? Image result for chained

Here’s the emotional point I’m making: You are the foster parent and the baby is your talent. You’ve probably spoken horribly to it…things like, “you’re no good”, “no one wants to see you ever again”, “you can’t do anything right”, “I wish I never had you” etc.

You’ve probably just shut it up. And even though you joined a sports team, you still kept it tied down because you really just wanted to hang out with friends. You are abusing the talent that God gave to you.

Why don’t you free your talent?! Let it mature into skill! Let it surround itself with the physical strength to express itself best!

As a peak performance coach, athletes, coaches and administrators mistakenly hold the idea that my work should make players better but they’re wrong. My work doesn’t make your players play great, it makes your players play free! Whatever skill athletes have or don’t have, and whatever strength they have or don’t have is what will show up.

Strength and skills are the coaches job, and mine is to get them out of their own way (free them or teach them how to free themselves).

Image result for freedom

Sports Psychology’s work isn’t about wins and losses, it’s about freedom, freedom from personal anxiety, freedom from oppressive thoughts, freedom from suppressive habits and freedom from distractions. The truth is, no matter how skilled or strong you are, if your mindset isn’t free you can’t access who you really are.

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Question. Do you want to free your talents? Do you really?



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