There is a story in the Bible that shows the magnetic power of leadership. It’s the story found in Genesis chapter 14. A story of rebellion, punishment and revenge.

Here’s the context overview.

There were 4 kings who previously conquered 5 cities in the Land of Canaan and levied a tax that should always be promptly paid. After a while these 5 cities decided that sovereignty felt better. So the 4 kings got together to punish the disobedient treaty breakers and marched down to Canaan and destroyed the 5 cities while capturing their inhabitants to be used as slaves. One of the men that they captured was Abraham’s nephew, Lot.

A note to keep in mind: Before Lot was taken, he (Lot) and his servants and Abraham and his servants had a bitter argument about water for flocks that caused Lot to separate from living among Abraham and his group. So when a man ran to where Abraham camped and said, “Abraham, your nephew Lot was taken captive by these 4 kings”, it was after this huge disagreement and fallout.

How do you think Abraham responded to this news? How would you respond?

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Abraham went to 318 of his servants, armed them, then pursued after the 4 kings with the intent to kill them and rescue his nephew.

But here is where leadership jumps out at me through the story.

How do you get 318 men, some of whom were probably part of the argument with Lot and his servants, to join you to fight in a suicide mission…not for land, not for glory, not for money but just to rescue your nephew?

How do you get 318 men to travel 120+ miles, assuredly passing dead bodies and blood soaked sand, while keeping them engaged on the task that is purely yours? From where you first caught up to the kings to where you’ve given chase to is another 50 miles. How do you get those men to travel further than they anticipated?

How do you get 318 men to follow your footsteps because they love and trust your heart, regardless if they get anything from the venture or not?

I don’t have the answer to those questions but the word “pursue” used in the scriptures points out a clue. This particular word “pursue” in Hebrew means to be in strong focused pursuit after something or someone (to either bring death, simply overtake to give blessings, to just hunt/spy, or to scare). Abraham let his pursuit be known fully. It was to kill.

How many of us as leaders tell our workers where you want them to go, be or become? My guess would be that you all do this right now! I’m confident of that!


How many of us leaders tell people what you intend to have happen when they “get there”? What will change because I’ve reached “here”?

Today I’d like you to fill out this statement.

I’m pursuing______ with the intent to _________.

Why do you want what you’re pursuing? After you get it, then what?

There can be various answers for the same pursuit so come up with all of them, then show them to your team. Some of you will experience the feeling of motivation either deflating or bubbling as you fill out the second portion of the phrase. Either way it goes for you #PushForward



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