What do you believe?

Have you ever sat with that question and answered it carefully? For every aspect of your life?

What do you believe about relationships? are they necessary? how do you keep them? how do you build them?

What do you believe about spirituality? based on your experiences is there any hints to another dimension? what do you believe is the essence of you? blah blah blah etc etc etc

I am surprised at how many people go about their lives without stopping to ask what they believe. Certainly, it’s easier for me because I’m fundamentally introverted. But nonetheless I am stunned by how many  people seem to be just moving on autopilot, not questioning anything in particular, just moving along.

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This lack of meta-cognition (look it up here if you don’t know what it means), is one of the main concerns of mine for young people; because what it infers is that most young people (and older folk as well) will be trainable but not teachable.

Whoever has the best flashing lights. Wherever has the most people gathering. However the most popular people around you behave. Whatever idea confirm your primary feelings. That’s where you’ll be hands waving in agreement with masses…while sometimes not aware or refusing to be aware of the purpose of it all.

I see this behavior in religion, politics, education, sports, performance arts, economic and social life.

Finding meaning and having fun are not mutually exclusive.

People who are trainable but not teachable have inherently forfeited their capacity for independent judgment. What does that mean for our world? It means lack of creativity, innovative problem solvers, new art, (real) new music, great performances, useful ideas, dynamic authors etc.

Are you willing to live a life that is lacking the ability for these?

I know we are wired to be social, to be together but that does not mean to be the same.

Do you know of any greater feeling than to hear someone that you know who has independent judgment say to you, “I believe in you. I trust you. I’m with you.”?

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I know pastors want to hear that. Politicians yearn to hear that. Teachers would love to hear that. Athletic coaches crave to hear that. Small businesses and employees build themselves in order to hear that. Friends always want to hear that! But how much more stronger would it be if it came from a free person? #PushForward #IBelieveInYou

Say that to someone you admire today.


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