Let me guess…You want your athletes to perform much better than what they are able to show while playing. Or your athlete can’t perform well under competitive pressure. Come to think of it, you also want the ongoing development of your team so you want to tap into this emerging field and work with a performance coach/sports psychology coach. What do you do?

If you are a High School or Collegiate athletic coach, allow me to lay out some things you ought to know.

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It’s not a quick fix
Some coaches would like their athlete to change in one conversation with a performance coach, passionately not taking into account that behaviors are habits grooved into the athletes way of behaving. Changing to a consistent way of being takes time. Performance coaching then is best used as a preventative/development measure (although in some cases when an athlete is already highly skilled, a quick fix may work).

Here’s what an overview of Performance coaching is NOT about
We(performance coaches) know the verified scientific knowledge that enhance athletic performance but that is NOT our skill-set. Anyone can know those techniques (google) and communicate them to others. Coming into a program just to share the techniques couched between some inspiring stories then leaving is far from being a performance coach. Why? Because merely sharing these techniques assumes that the athlete has the baseline psychological functioning to help make their use effective. The main skill of a performance coach is counseling.

What do I mean?
Sometimes when an athlete is not performing well it may not be because of a lack of operating one of the techniques well. It may be that there are certain personal development qualities that aren’t formed in their lives yet (ex. time management, emotional & behavioral control, transparent/honest communication, ability to process circumstances fairly and accurately etc). Any one of those or those not listed, like personality formed mindset biases, can be the reason for lack of performance. No amount of sharing performance enhancement techniques will be a sustainable help for that athlete. It all depends and someone trained in counseling will see those nuances.

Submitting to an approach like this THRIVES with a coach who is fully bought in and not indecisive about the necessity of the work. If you are a coach who is thinking about working with a performance coach, be straight forward and up front about your concerns, because 1) they matter and 2) if there are any, and they aren’t addressed, it can be a hindrance to the work being done. Having those open conversations first will help all athletic coaches feel less stressed about letting someone speak with your squad.


Here is one way you can prepare your athletes for a performance coach and possibly help those athletes who already are close to their peak performance. Below is Journey Of Champions’ proprietary paradigm built to increase awareness and responsibility in athletes. I use it to explain how the mind works and information is processed. It also helps to teach deeper personal development revelations hidden in the inter-connectivity of each element. The very first question I ask when I introduce this goes something like this…


Can you turn away from the blog post and NOT activate any one of these FOUR???


…in other words…

Can you continue your day without activating ALL FOUR of these???


This is the Core FOUR of your every move. Do you know how to strengthen them? Control them? Prime them for performance? Cause if you’re not controlling them something else is…Because they ARE ACTIVATED!!



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