Every walking moment is a journey through your imagination.

We have so normalized our everyday living that we often take for granted the very essence of our movements. We forget that walking is a skill we learned; so is talking and using our fingers to pick things up.

We are so focused on what will be useful for us that we forget the tools that helped build the useful thing. A simple example is putting together a piece of Ikea furniture. We find the screwdriver that will help put up the TV stand and after the TV stand is up we toss the screwdriver away only to search tirelessly for it when a new ‘something’ comes in that you need it for.

One of the often tossed away things that I’m mentioning for this post is imagination. We use it every single day but we overlook it.

When we go to bed at night and create what we want to do for the next day, that’s imagination! We’ve gotten so used to it that we believe that what we’ve written down is already a reality. But it’s not. The reason you overlook the fact that it’s not a reality is because you have faith in your imagination – you BELIEVE that you will get it done. (message!…Did you notice how not having it doesn’t stop you from neither imagining it nor having faith. It’s the natural way our mind works!!)


Between the moment you figure out your next day plan and actually attempting it the next day, many things could occur that can put up hindrances for what you wanted to do. But you also believe that you can adapt to whatever life throws at you. That’s using your imagination also. All this figuring out is done the night before while you’re planning. All in your head.

Since this is the case why do we often doubtfully object to folk who talk about visualization or imagery even though, albeit non-consciously for some, we use it every single day ourselves? That’s because we’ve taken our “simple” mind/body functions for granted. But how well would we operate if one of those functions stops working?

We focus on our outward social status appearances more than what allows us to stand competent in the first place.

Recognize and Take Care of the “little things” because they are the things that make you excel as you!

You’ll never recognize how important your imagination is until it’s not working anymore. #PushForward #ImagineGreatness #ImagineGrace #ImagineLove #LeadYourself


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