I want you to think about your favorite ancient times “battle movie”. You know, the ones where two kingdoms line up against each other on an open field with swords, bow & arrows, chariots and spears.

They form ranks or lines to show a unified front. They do this because they have a plan that if executed right, they each believe, will result in victory. Do you have the movie in mind?

Can you remember a scene where the enemy was approaching and the commander of the other army just yelled one word repeatedly,


…”HOOLD!” stretching it out further


Then when he believed the time was right he yelled, “NOW!”

And their attack begun, whether it was a trap or just a charge to engage.

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My mentor forced me to learn this principle.

In today’s culture, we seem to encourage wild enthusiasm and we’ve dubbed it hustle. Do you know why high level corporations hire hustlers? Because they make great workers but they don’t make great leaders unless they learn this principle. What principle?

Patience is what makes a plan come together.

I’m NOT putting down work ethic nor will I ever say something that ridiculous. What I am saying is that there is a higher place of development that should be honored above merely having hustle.

Imagine being on the front line of a battle. You’ve just heard the most inspiring speech from the battle leader. You’re FIRED UP! You see the enemy advancing and you want to fight now. But you hear your commander saying…hold.

As the enemy approach comes nearer you get more anxious, but the commander is saying…hold.

Can you control your energy enough that even when you’re wired up you can still hold back from acting prematurely? That type of ability is what will make you great in life. There will be many circumstances that you will face that can make you believe that you should act now. You really only believe that because you feel a swelling of anxious energy in your gut.

When you have a mentor/coach that you trust you will see how much wisdom is revealed through patience.

Knowing when to move with high energy and skill is more important than moving with just high energy and skill. Timing always clutches the planned result.

You can either learn that from a mentor or you can hopefully learn from your experiences throughout life. #PushForward #MarchMadness

Patience doesn’t just mean to wait; it means to wait while holding the anticipation to go! #Expectation #Preparation 


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  1. Patience will work every time, if one has the willingness to wait – patience. It’s a learning experience to.

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