Today’s faith post is for the people who believe in spiritual matters and Christians to be specific (since I’ll be using Bibles verses). Apologies for the abruptness but I’m gonna jump right in.

Through understanding the nature of nature (time, space and matter), Christians believe that if nature was created, that the creator must live outside of the elements of nature. Got it? Heavy first sentence…i know, but I think that this belief is crucial for framing how we pray.

The Bible (Ephesians 2:6) mentions that spiritually, we are seated with God in heavenly places. And in another scripture verse (1 John 4:17) it saysImage result for fear and faith that, as God is, so are we in this world.

Yeah yeah guy so what’s the point?

The point is that, in our world and life, we grow. For example we can develop our skills – that takes time. But in the world or dimension that God is in there is no time so there is no developing like we see it. Everything that is…is. If we are spiritually with God then everything that we need/are we already have. We are the seed (us as a spirit) for our life in earth. That’s probably why throughout scripture God refers to people as trees that have been planted.

Keep following me.

When we pray, we often pray for God to give us something that we believe we need but if the thought process in this post is right, you already have it. What you should be praying is for clarity on how to reveal what has already been given to you. No?

Check this out. In 2 Peter 1:5, Peter reveals that the first thing that you should add to your faith is the ability to master your mind and body.


Could it be that that’s the only way that who you really are could come out? I don’t know but what I do know is that FEAR of not being enough stops hundreds of thousands of us from becoming what God has already given us to become!

How do you know that fear is taking over your life?

Image result for there is no standing still you're either moving forward or you're moving backwardsIf you find that you’re constantly trying to manage your comfort/sanity by often leaving so called bad places/people or you’re always having to protect your emotional state from harm but you never notice the tough places/people you should be connected with, uncertain opportunities to be taken or new (unnatural to you) skills you should acquire, you have been possessed by fear. You aren’t moving forward; you’re not standing your ground you are moving backwards.

Like a mentor told me once, “The only difference between a rut and the grave is the depth of the hole.”

Fear closes your eyes and tells you there is a dust storm outside….ALL THE TIME. But you never get the chance to realize that the dust is coming from the loose dirt from the roof of the cave you just dug and buried yourself in that you call home.

I’m telling you, the longer you remain with fear the more delusional you become about what is happening around you.

There are only 3 options to come out of fear!

  1. Believe in what God has said about you. Believe in the vision that screams from within about who you are…And run out of that cave of fear towards the shining day!
  2. Fully trust someone to guide you out. Someone that you believe won’t steer you wrong and who can see what God has put on the inside of you. You have to let go of your thoughts about yourself and hope on what someone else sees. Hopefully you pick the right someone.
  3. Wait for your back to hit the deepest part of the cave. We often call this rock bottom. But when you reach there, there are only two options fold or fight. There is no more flight…no more running. I hope you choose to fight if fear takes you to this point.

Although those were the three options, did you notice that they all come from one place? BELIEF.

Please know this…You have everything you need for living life to the fullest here on earth! Through excellence, reveal you to the rest of us. Pray for your excellence! #PushForward



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