Since by last post was long, I’ll make this one short and neat.

Nod your head if you’ve heard this statement before or variations of it: The richest place on the earth is the graveyard; because many people have died with their potential still hidden in them.

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Are you nodding?

I would like to add to that sentiment. So with that idea in mind, here’s what I’m saying: “Do you know where we can find more tombstones other than our graveyards? In ourselves – our Bad Habits.”

We don’t have to experience physical death for those riches to be counted as lost. Some of us walk around daily with dead-dreams-bones in us. Bad habits have destroyed more dreams than the earth has tombstones.

How often have we had an idea that we’ve talked ourselves out of for whatever reasons? How often have we seen someone else later on capitalize on that same idea?

How often do we hesitate on making “that move” to then watch that opportunity wash away?

I’ll let you sit with that thought today. You don’t need me to tell you what to do because you already know what to do. Stop devaluing your intelligence and strength. Create better habits. Don’t make resolutions, create good habits.

Shake yourself from the dust and ARISE! Resurrect your dreams and…#PushForward #SetGoals #GetAccountable

Snatch victory from defeat!


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