Sometimes a short narrative can reveal much more than abstract principle can. It’s been said before that characteristics are better caught than taught. With that in mind see if you can come up with the characteristics of a trusted and strong leader from this short intro passage.

Montague Dawson - The Rising Wind.     Mosiężne Kompasy i Busole żeglarskie, Mosiężny sekstant kapitański, Stylowe lunety żeglarskie z mosiądzu, Mosiężne Dzwony okrętowe, Drewniane Koło sterowe, Mosiężne lampy żeglarskie, Telegraf Maszynowy, Mosiężny Zegar słoneczny z kompasem, Drewniane modele sławnych jachtów i żaglowców - żeglarskie prezenty, marynistyczne dekoracje, upominki dla Żeglarzy i Ludzi Morza ...,,“He stares in the distance, his mind wandering, remembering his daughter’s infectious smile and her little hands that hold his rough and hairy face, and her little lips giving soft kisses to his big scarred nose. Even though he’s lost sight of the horizon for longer than he wanted, he doubled down on his certainty that he would beat out this storm, bad as it is.

He bellowed out orders to the ship’s crew and they work tirelessly giving all the skill and energy they have to save the tossed ship. Even though the raging waters batters the ship consistently, the crew remains calm and hopeful. Why?

Because every time that they looked up at the captain, he had this assured cocked smile on his weathered-beaten face as he steered into the darkened night.”

From this piece, what characteristics makes the captain a great leader?

1) Have a deep and abiding reason for why you want to be successful in the endeavor.

2) Experience.

3) Deep and abiding belief that everything will be just as you say. Enough that it shows in your body language and speech.


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