I will experience what I’ve set my mind to accomplish! Even if I’m found exhausted on the ground, my body will be on the road that is taking me there.

Can you look in your mirror or within yourself and say those statements with the full authority of personal belief?

What ARE you trying to accomplish?

Let’s say you accomplish it. Now, so what?! What is different because you did? Who has changed because you did? What is happening because you did?

Will you be the only person who benefits from the glory of your accomplishment?

I’m simply just asking questions. This exercise is meant to bring clarity to your mind about you and your dreams. And NO, just thinking about who could be impacted as a result is NOT the same as planning for the impact to occur.

When conversing, do you genuinely care about other people’s desires or are you simply thinking about how you can get closer to your desires?

How often do you have entire conversations that has nothing to do with you?

Do you believe that helping someone else achieve their desires removes time from your quest of reaching yours?

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If you DO have a dream, goal, or momentary expectation for yourself, first, believe, then find someone else who has goals too, and help them get closer to achieving it. The well-known speaker Zig Ziglar used to say, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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Don’t run from the questions asked in this post because they stirred up some unwanted emotions. Wade through those emotional waters because on the other side of them is your journey; and you will be on a more sure footing.


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