On occasion, at the end of my blog posts and definitely on my social media accounts, I end with the hashtag #PushForward. It could seem like a random motivational buzz-term…it is but it’s not that simple.

The term has a deeper meaning for me and it comes from Psalms 1:3. Read it below:

He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he PROSPERS. [capitalization mine]

Push ForwardYou see, the primitive Hebrew definition for the word that has been translated as ‘prospers’ literally means “to push forward”.

When I use the term it reminds me to keep going because as long as I can still do something, that something I’m doing will prosper. It reminds me that whatever ‘season’ I find myself in, that I will always be doing what I need to be doing to continue on. And when the right season comes, when the right opportunity comes, when the right moment arrives, I would have already been prepared for it. Because of that, I #PushForward,

I don’t know what people get from the hashtag but hopefully they at least hear a voice telling them to continue attempting their strategy for their goals.

Why do I share this with you? Because someone told me today that sharing the things that make you you can start a chain reaction of the spirit behind what is shared. In other words, if I shared with you the deeper meaning of #PushForward then prosperity has a better chance of being sparked within all those who read this post.Image result for push forward

Could that be true? I don’t know but who cares…it’s still a great message to understand.

Prospering, at least as its understood in the western hemisphere needs two elements to explain it: 1) material things 2) knowledge.

I won’t explain it much but I’ll leave it for you to tackle:

Our name “prospers” by the increasing of material things and our soul & body “prospers” by the increasing of knowledge. And one is the foundation and sustainer of the other. How do you see it?

Either way…#PushForward


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