The held sword never betrays the wrist.

What is leadership? Leadership is seen only when unity arrives.

To say it succinctly, Leadership is a state when everyone surrenders and is in service to a purpose.

It’s a state of being not an authoritative position. The desired result is the thing that judges the direction and intensity of effort. We, if committed, just obey.

I want you to imagine that you are holding a large sword in the palm of your hand with your fingers wrapped firmly around the grip. Suppose you wanted to strike a bulls-eye target with the point of the blade, what would need to happen?

I’m sure you already get where I’m heading.

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The skill of each joint (i.e. shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip) and muscles in the arm, leg and torso all have to submit to the desired result – there must be unity.

Today is Good Friday, a day when Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ. On this day I get to blog about leadership, what a great opportunity. 


Because Jesus was like the sword that cannot betray He with whom He is unified. According to the spiritual symbolic nature of scriptures, this sword struck through the heavens and earth, traveled through suffering until the point of the sword penetrated into the heart of death. This is what Good Friday represents – that Jesus reached His target.

Why did He have to reach that target? Because that was the only way that humanity-present could witness the power that truly matters – one that presides over death.

In a few days Easter will be celebrated.

Easter represents the removal of the sword from the heart of death – Resurrection. But for Christians the resurrection is more than a symbolic story. We also believe that Jesus LITERALLY (physically) got up from death. And like a sword being pulled out of its enemy, symbolically He is dripping with the blood of His enemy. (see Revelations 19:13).

Death died that day. How? Because it didn’t have the power to hold Jesus in its grasp. And Jesus has become the representative, for those who believe, of our present state – victorious and more than conquerors even when surrounded by death.

We are leaders not because we lord over another person but because we have surrendered to the purpose that has taken hold of us and is firmly leading us.

Now we have become a sword in the hand of our Lord, and because of His eternal grip we can never betray His purpose! #PushForward #Leadership #Surrender #Service


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