Faith is the indispensable quality innate in everything that has ever been made. It is absolutely necessary for accomplishing anything!

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Now I can leave this post just like it is and let you meditate on whether or not the above statement is true but I would like to open it up some more.

Think about clothing, cars, buildings, books, services etc.

None of them would be here in our stores or used if the person who developed them didn’t think that they could do it before they began. I know that some of you now are saying “What about the people who didn’t know if they could do it or not?”

How I respond to that is to say that no person would choose to act if they didn’t have a seed of faith (i.e. hope) within them. Do you know of someone who will act on something they deeply believe cannot be done? There’s a label for people like that…depressed. But the person I’m talking about is not depressed; they may be burdened or stressed but they don’t stop moving forward.

They may not know if whatever they’re attempting to bring forth can be done, but they continue to try even though that seed-of-faith may be overwhelmed. They don’t see it as impossible they see it as extremely difficult – and that is a huge difference. If you bury a seed what happens? It’s that type of environment that makes the seed of hope pursue sunlight.

The movie Dumb and Dumber shows what a sliver of hope can do to a person attitude.

So if you are going through a tough moment now, please still hold to hope – still have that seed of faith. Because if you give that up, you’ve given up on any type of accomplishment that you can experience or change that you will see in your life. #PushForward


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