Ability to focus. Ability to rebound from failure. Ability to cope with pressure. Determination to persist in the face of adversity.

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If you ask any coach if they want these attributes for the athletes or ask any athletes if they want these for themselves the answer will undoubtedly be YES.

Within the past 10 years there have been many people and businesses that have created their “secret” for you to be able to get these qualities in your life. Also, there is a growing amount of research that have studied high-level mental performance and have found what particular evidence-based strategy mix would best bring such gritty characteristics out of a person.

What if I told you that in spite of all the great research and development techniques, there is just one term that can wrap all of this stuff up in one pretty bow? What if I said that all that the research and techniques are doing is trying to create “this one term” in your life towards whatever you’re involved with and with whomever you’re attached?

Would you want to know what it is? I’m sure you can already guess.

It’s LOVE.

If you really love your sport or whatever or whomever else, you shouldn’t have to consciously set your attention on it.

If you really love your sport, you wouldn’t want to stay in the depths of a bad showing. You want to experience the good you know is there…you get back up.

If you really love your sport you wouldn’t be thinking about the burdensome things about it but about all the great experiences it brings to you and the passionate emotions it allows you to feel.

If you really love your sport and want to be with it you don’t shy away from the pressures (ex. tough practices, tough match-ups etc.), because you want to prove how well the sport skills hold up under those. You know you can make it through.

The problem with today’s athletes, even all the way up to the pros, is that they don’t love their sport. They love the cheers of fans and the blessings that come with playing (ex. gear, travel, notoriety etc). They love knowing that they have natural athletic ability but never really desires to put a demand on it so the fans of the sport can witness it. However, I don’t think it’s the fault of the athlete per-say, I think our culture has moved into a place of ‘what’s in it for me?’ And that has sucked the real life out of sports, generally speaking.

This is why people like me, the intelligent researchers and the tons of other performance coaches have flooded the sports industry today. We help build the functions of love since it’s not readily seen but only in a few. Are you part of that few?? #PushForward



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  1. Well said. In everything we do there should be a love for it. It’s a shame that we have exchanged that “love” for something else other than for “the love of it.” Simply put.

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