I want you to imagine with me.

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Imagine you were on the peak portion of a mountain overlooking a vast and beautiful land. You hear bellowing echoes of monkeys and other indistinguishable sounds coming from the valley of lush forest-like trees below.

You can see, clear as day, in the distance a watering hole (a great need for the people who were too weak and tired to trek up the mountain with you). Further in the distance you can see a blue horizon. Although you can barely make it out, you know for sure that it’s the shoreline. You and the group below have been traveling, seemingly forever, to try and reach that shoreline! You sure wish they were up there with you to see it!

Shifting your vision back to closer views, you notice a clearing with noticeable rows of something. Someone is down there and has undoubtedly planted some kind of food there. Your energy in the form of excitement spikes!

So you make a list in your mind: 1) wild animals, 2) water, 3) shoreline, 4) food. Then as fast as your weary feet but excited heart could take you, you scurried down the side of the mountain.

As you reached the bottom of the mountain your heart dropped, because the faces of the people that were waiting for you to return were sullen and fearful. They were hearing the animal sounds that you heard but they couldn’t see what you saw. What they were looking at instead was a steep and dry drop off from what could have been an old waterfall. So in order to move forward you will have to go around and down some treacherous paths.

They are tired and whatever was left of the food and water has been rationed twice (you’ve rationed the rations).

Here are four questions for you.

How do you get them to follow you?

You saw the distances that would need to be traveled. How do you get them to keep going when they feel they went far enough and want to try another direction?

You’ve seen the waterhole or patched-ground of food. How do you get them to want to continue when they’ve found a comfortable and refreshing place that is distinctly different form the harsh realities of the journey?

How do you keep everyone together?

If you can answer those questions, you’ve gotten a glimpse of leadership. #PushForward


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