Come down and walk with your team up the mountain so they can understand what you were trying to yell from the top!”

Image result for leaders walking with followersThe first quote was from my previous post where I shared my TOP 3 tips for great team dynamics.

As a performance psychology coach, we train on how to best deliver the appropriate technique or ask the right question in the moment. Sometimes the training works out for the best, and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on personalities.

But operating on the fly and without a “package” has its detractors.

Research has given us the standing that we need as professional coaches to relax competently, but it didn’t hand us the right interface and application. We have to work for it.

I remember following one of my mentors around as he gave his talks to crowds.

Understanding the moment, not selling the moment” my mentor repeated.

The present is a devour, it takes whatever it put its hands on. Make sure it brings you reproductive things. Then make sure YOU sift it to plant the positive.” he echoed daily.

Both money & wisdom protects; but only wisdom brings life” was the foundation he sang.

I witnessed the nodding of heads and aha moments in the packed house. But what I’d never witnessed is what happens when the speakers leave. I always left with my mentor.

Well, I got a chance to see for myself what happens after a talk ends!

Remaining with an athletic program year in and year out has drastically changed my Life and Perspective on how we can work as performance development specialists and how I am aiming to work NOW.

How can we get the research down to the ground level without losing the legitimacy of the evidence-based research??

Empty platitudes and buzzwords MUST GO! NOW!

I wanted the athlete to understand what I’m saying on the level that they’re on right now at the present moment. And I tried to create a framework that did that.

My first framework was acronym EMP. But I found that the athletes weren’t engaging with the scientific nature of it nor the research…it was too formal and lacked practicality. Ok, my bad…rough start. I then was blessed by Nyack College to teach the course ‘The Psychology Of Sport’. It was through teaching and changing my teaching style over and over again that I stumbled on an understanding and I created a model called The Core FOUR: action codified.

I didn’t know what I had at first until the first few times I used it to coach some athletes. And it was during the reflection of my work with them that I realized how to use the model. And it came from just asking one challenge-question. And that question brought all the science and research into the athlete’s present moment and dropped the performance realization in their laps. I finally learned how to meet them where they are, in the NOW.

Below is a video of this year’s 2017 Summer Camp at Nyack College for the Women’s Basketball team. What you’ll see is a room of aspiring young girl ballers between the ages of 7-14 showing how easy The Core FOUR is to memorize and repeat – the building blocks of any kind of learning.

You can catch all of the fun WE had at camp using the hashtag #WEoverme2k17

If you’re in the New York area, check out the camp with your child next summer! The Nyack Women’s basketball staff are on the cutting edge of sports development as they implement performance psychology understandings into their summer program.

Back to my thoughts. So now instead of me yelling from the top of the mountain, “PLEASE understand what I’m saying!” I now point to the athlete from right where they are and say, “PLEASE understand what you’re saying!”

Finding a way for athletes to understand performance psychology concepts is what I mean when I say that sometimes you must:

Come down and walk with your team up the mountain so they can understand what you were trying to yell from the top!”

For leadership, in any industry, I believe you must go through the process of figuring that out. #PushForward

Oh, and if you want to know the question that I ask to unlock this model in the hearts of people who hear it…ask me.

You want to see more of The Core FOUR perspectives, follow me on Instagram @OfficialEstJOC

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