It’s something that my mom told me once…

“Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today” (An old way of saying that only action can make the dreams that you see in the distance, closer to your feet, today).

Dreams aren’t necessities, they’re just ideas; Ideas that have the ability to forge something in you. Dreams push you to the brink of starvation from what’s normal and forces you to get used to it. The relief sometimes is surprising.

Something new. Something refined.

And that’s only if you dare follow the unknown path of your dream.

Try this exercise for me:

Move your big toe.

Move it again.

Ok, good…now get up if you’re not standing up already and SCREAM at the top of your lungs.


My guess is, no one got up and screamed. Here we have two skills that are absolutely in your power to do (moving your big toe and screaming) yet one of them makes you second guess if you should do it. Who knows how many rationales ran through your mind as to why you couldn’t scream now; It could be that most of those thoughts are right.

Most times in our lives, when facing great opportunity, we second guess ourselves (like the scream) and in that moment of doubt we forget that we already have the core skills to make the unknown journey towards the idea we hold. But we let “what are people going to think of me” drown out the instructions that our dreams first gave.

No matter where you are now in your life’s master plan. No matter how stuck you may feel right now. No matter how overwhelmed you may be right now. No matter how great things are for you right now, consider these two thoughts when you’re in any or all of your moods:

  1. God is Good
  2. God is Gracious

Remembering that will take you a long way.

Continue to take action towards what you see. Big toe action, not stand and scream action. #PushForward

What am I consistently putting off into tomorrow?



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