What does excellence feel like to you?

What knowledge or skill do you excel at? What does it feel like to you when you are performing it?

Do you feel strong? Loose? Effortless? Focused? Stressed?

For one second, I would love you to hold on to that feeling right now. I want you to recognize that excellence isn’t an outcome or result! No person can DO a result or outcome, BUT they can increase the chance of a positive outcome showing up by being excellent.

Excellence isn’t the feeling of the win, excellence is the experience of performing your knowledge to the heights of your ability. Can you be excellent while an opponent is actively imposing their will for you to not perform excellently?

Can you think of that? That’s the psychological environment of competitive sports. That’s the reason sports can relay life skill lessons to athletes.

If there is no opponent actively hindering us from being our best at something we’re doing now, why are we stuck sometimes?

Because the real opponent that fights against you performing your best is…you.

You already know this. You know that if an obstacle is in your way, only you can steer your self around it to find another way. Obstacles shouldn’t be able to stop you from pushing forward!

Excellence doesn’t care about obstacles it only cares about what action is being taken right this moment; because that’s the only place excellence resides. Excellence resides in your willingness to act now. #BeExcellent #PushForward #KeepGrowing





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