A commercial came on my TV the other day that made me remember a book that i read about 10 years ago.

Image result for the world is flatThe book? The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

The commercial? It was a message from New York State saying that New York’s toll bridges will be boothless/cashless soon.

Ten years ago, one of the implications Thomas Friedman (a world-reknown economist) made in his book was that as technologies become developed for erasing inefficiencies within business operations, look for the future world of work to be more geographically mobile and workers more like knowledge specialists. That was a major point for me when I read the book.

In the commercial, you see ease of travel by using the ez-pass, but what you don’t see are the loss of jobs. Right now, 10 years after the book had been written, people are increasingly finding their jobs lost to automation and I also see many specialists/”experts” (you’ll find them having webinars, workshops or seminars now) in a particular subject or have built themselves to be for-hire consultants.

When all those thoughts rushed to my mind, I thought of leadership. If you knew what the future will be, given the trends that you see, how would you prepare for it?

If you’re a senior in college or high school, how have you given yourself an advantage for the world of work that you are entering?

A HUGE part in leadership is being able to see the trends (good or bad) that arise within the world that surrounds you and then make decisions that will either positively impact your destination or pin-point an issue that needs to be solved.

IF you are still in school, think about what the trends are for your area of study. IF you are in an athletic program, capture what kinds of trends emerge in the team….then LEAD. #PushForward



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