Of course you have.

We’ve all told that story, after we’ve whimpered back to a scheduled life, about that unforgettable vacation. Nowadays we ‘show & tell’ that story while the awesomeness is happening! #Selfie

#Detroit #EasternMarket

Whenever we experience some amazing thing we run tell dat! We take pictures of awe inspiring views. And if we were so inclined, we sat and admired the splendor.

The difference with today’s youth is that the pictures, videos and selfies are laced with this challenge fever. So instead of wondering when face-to-face with, let’s say, the pyramids in Egypt, we’d rather see who can “knock it down using our heads as battering rams” or “Let’s see who can do the most somersaults up the side of it!!?” “Hashtag Viral!”

Today’s youth are entertainment saturated and adventure deficient. Not the adventure of going to new places in the world (that’s awesome if you can! please take me with you!) but the adventure within.

Everyone can share a picture but not everyone shares their internal musings of how a vista or wonder of the world has affected them. That’s the real gem. The peace you feel at that moment. Can you think back and remember that specific moment? The joy you felt because of the company there. Can you feel that?

Can you sense the newness of that moment? Maybe you were there at different seasons or you went there with someone new.

How long did those emotions last? Did you still have them when you walked out of the airport back in your country, state or city? Were they still there when you walked back into your home?

For Blacks, because this is the only story I’ve experienced, the emotions of peace, joy and newness were erupting after hearing the speech about our vacation from slavery. How long did those emotions last?

When I say “Blacks”, existentially speaking, I’m referring to humanity.

How many different revolutionary “freedoms” does a species need in order for it to be something lasting?

To exist and do well. Isn’t that like a code or something written into our being? Yet, history has shown us always, that it seems like one’s “well” doesn’t fit perfectly with another person’s “well”.

I can see Jesus sitting by the well, like in the story of the woman of Samaria (John chapter 4), saying to humanity, “Give me a drink of water. Tell me what doing well is?

Of course we can answer that question. It’s exactly what we’re in and moving towards right this moment. Right? It’s what we’ve planned to be – well. We intuitively know that everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again; even if it takes 1000 years.

Humanity has had at least 6 millennia of following our civilized selves, digging our own well and yet a growing number of us are still thirsty – from the poor to the wealthy.

We want a vacation! We neeed a vacation!

Here’s a point that I get from the story that you should read in John 4:

Looking for “man” to quench your thirst will always be a repetitive endeavor. It’s like going to a well, sometimes it may have water and other times it may not, because it is subject to times and seasons. Only God can flow consistently into your everlasting thirst.

An everlasting thirst should have an everlasting life.

Unless we finally recognize our inability to lead ourselves and then afterwards change wells (for real this time), our joy and peace can only be experienced through reflection of past moments, the way that William Least Heat-Moon jotted down in his book ‘Roads to Quoz’,

“Since each day lived gets subtracted from our allotted total, recollections may be our highest recompense: to live one moment a score of times.”

The reason the Samaritan woman at the well is the most beautiful story ever told, I’ll explain as I continue writing.

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved



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