Magician: “Can you recognize the different feelings in you from hearing these two statements?”

1. Pick a card any card and give it to me.
2. Give me the Nine-Of-Hearts.

You were able to feel the different tensions right? Because one is random, the other is specifically chosen so you would have to search for it.

If we were actors/actresses, wouldn’t we feel different if we knew that a director specifically asked for us to fill a role rather than them saying “just get anybody, the role is insignificant” and then we were picked? Of course we would feel a way. And sometimes the mistake we often make if someone else were chosen over us is to change ourselves to be like them. If “someone” wanted a King Of Clubs but we were a Nine-Of-Hearts, out comes the black marker. And the “someone” could be a job, significant other, or popular culture. We would change because we want to be wanted.

If you don’t believe that what you have in your heart is worthwhile you will work to add what others say is missing.

But what if while you were working on becoming someone else instead of a more polished you, there was “someone” out there searching for a Nine-Of-Hearts?

This may seem silly but let me share something.

In the story of Adam & Eve from the Bible, after they ate of the fruit they shouldn’t have, God, the Bible said, was looking for them. They weren’t where they should be or who God made them to be. God proclaimed in the garden, “Where are you?!”

Is that what God is saying about you right now? Have others been trying to make you fit in to what they think you should be? Have you been trying to show yourself worthy enough to receive the honor from other people?

In the scriptures, the overarching narrative is that we(humanity) are not where we were created to be and that’s not hard to believe. The scriptures also says that Jesus is present to get us back into the position from which we walked away. But is it too late?

If the King-Of-Hearts is searching for his Nine-of-Hearts, would he find it? Or is it too darkened from the environment and the pushes and pulls from everyone around to be recognizable?


God knows you. And can clean up what we’ve marked over. We just have to answer, “Over here!”

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved


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