One night at bedtime, a young girl asks her father a strange question, “Daddy, what’s a story?

Bending his head to the side, taken aback he stares at her piercing eyes. She’s serious.

Well honey, a story is…uhhh…well…you see mommy’s and daddy’s room down the hall?” he points out of her bedroom door at their bedroom.

He then points at this daughter, “Imagine you were one point and our bedroom was the second one. A story is two separate points connected by time.

Scratching the side of her head while holding her gaze, “Right down the hall? So why are stories so long then?

Because sometimes other people can’t see their parent’s bedroom door, so they have to look for it. That’s why some stories are longer baby.

What happens if they can’t find it?” she is getting this worried look on her face.

They will if they really want to. It depends on how deeply they’re connected to where they want to go. You would make it because of how deep you are connected to your mom and I.”

Deep like a pool?” she sings.


Deep like lava?


Deep like..” her eyes dart around looking for a word “Deep like my heart?

The father jumps in the air and lands on all fours on her bed and pretends to be nibbling her heart. This happens every night before he reads a story. She’s twisting and turning and giggling with glee.

Daddy why are you eating my heart?!

Because it’s the only thing you can’t run out of. And it tastes soo good. num num num num.

She jumps up and tackles her father and starts play eating his heart, “nam nam nam

Honey why are you eating my heart?

Cause I want to be able to find your door whenever I need to.” ♦

Photo taken by Micah Johns

A leader is a human who understands the two points for any journey and is acquainted or willing to live a while within the topography between both. Traveling between those points will reveal if you are a strong, skilled, weak, creative, resourceful or an insightful leader and perseverance is what reveals how much you’re connected to the hope that will be found at the other point.

You have to be in the place of ‘in-between’ to understand why your reactions to that environment should be particular ones and not others. That could be why some say that leadership character can only be caught not taught.

Every one of us have our own stories. The question is, how are we handling our ‘in-between’ place?

If you created a deep connection to where you want to go, I’m sure you will find your way. Push Forward. Make your journey a Journey of Champions!

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved


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