Every morning we get up and we often allow any thoughts to enter into our minds. We think “I don’t want to see _____ today!” “I don’t want to do ______ today!” “I have to go out in this weather?”

While all those thoughts may be true, they definitely aren’t beneficial for our mental health. Introducing stress into our mental diet first thing in the morning is like drinking radiator fluid – we may be able to walk away but it is poisoning our abilities.

Throughout our day, the most helpful thing for us is our mental strength. As our mind goes, so does our skill. If our mind can’t take any more, guess what shuts down…everything.

Over here at JOC, we recognize that potential represents more than our physical skill but our mental skill also. Physical skills are revealed when a circumstance asks for it (ex. when you’re playing golf you aren’t playing basketball). But have we took time to notice that being born placed us in a circumstance that required the existence of our mind (before our physical skill)? When will we decide to strengthen our mental potential seeing that it is the foundation for any other potential that we want to express?

Waking up in the morning, like a car’s engine in winter, our mind should be warmed up. Every person has their own morning practice, whether it’s helpful or not, only you know. Below I’ll share a practice that I have shared with some coaches. It’s more of a guideline. I hope it gives you some insight.

This practice is what I use in the morning to prime my mind. I do it alongside a breathing exercise. I’m just letting my mind know where I want its focus to be. At the end of the day I do this same practice but backwards. You’ll understand after I lay it out. Here it goes:

stands for Perception. Manage My Perception. This is tied to your Core FOUR. If you haven’t been following this blog, check out what The Core FOUR represents by clicking here. This first step asks you, “What do you want your attention to be on today?” “Which emotions would you like to express today?” “What skills do you have that helps you today?” For each question, visualize and feel that expression as if it’s being lived at the moment. For some people, it is to express the values of scripture for others its led by other values. You choose. The most important thing here is directing your attention. What are you looking at? What is your goal? What is your vision for the day?

stands for Own. Own My Attitude. Your attitude is your own. Don’t fall into the thought process that says someone else made you do “it”…someone else made you mad. Let the first step be the thing that sets the temperature for what your attitude will be like. The point here is to tell yourself that any room you enter and interaction you have “does not set the temperature for my attitude, I do”.

stands for Will. Maximize My WILL. This third thought in this priming practice is for you to buy-into the vulnerability of risk taking. This step highlights two things: 1) express your skills even if others will be intimidated. 2) walk into unknown areas and learn from others who are expressing skills you don’t have. Let that sink in for a while. Learn, even if it’s from someone you may not like. Maximize.

stands for Effort. Embody My Effort. The concept here is taken from lifting weights. When you first start a rep of lifting, you’re lifting with your strength but after a while it takes effort to lift more. That’s the moment we’re spotlighting. The difference between strength and effort is that effort is where our growth happens. Embodying your effort is about living what you have set your mind on. This is where you embrace the difficulty of expressing your vision within the environment you find yourself in and still showing up mentally dressed in the presence you decided on revealing. It’s hard, but that’s where growth is.

stand for both Results – Be Ready & Reflect. The results of priming your mind brings about both readiness and reflection. In the morning, this is the last step and it stands for you being ready to face your day. Here is where we actually say out loud to ourselves “I’m ready” but not until you actually have felt your mind grasp the concepts prior. At this point the goal is to drop everything that we just went through and walk through your day and let what happens happen. The idea there is like if you took your car in to get serviced, you wouldn’t stop at every light to check under the hood again. At the end of the day, Reflect. Go back over the steps in reverse asking “Did I…” in front of each step.

There you go!

The benefits of priming your mind are powerful. Hopefully you got some great guideline pointers for something else you would like to create to. Either way have fun with it. Use it to prime your mind before games or for your mornings! Be Blessed!

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved


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