We are dealing with another mass shooting in America. While political pundits are sending thoughts and condolences and asking for some sort of gun policy, I’m asking a deeper question – Why is there evil in the world? Why, if God is all powerful, does evil persist?

In this post I’m inviting you into a conversation I had with my mentor about this issue. I found his take to be unique. I’ll attempt narrating from his point of view. This is a perspective from a person who believes in God. You’ll notice that as he peels away the implications in the question I will ask you to take some things for granted so that his point can be seen. For those of you who do not believe I hope you will grant that ask and hear what is being said.

Here’s how he talked about this question (Why is there evil in the world?):

That’s a good question. Can we agree that independent thought and action needs free choice? And that there’s nothing like free agency right? There’s a truth hidden in the story of Adam and Eve if you care to sit with it for a while. First let’s define evil as a choice opposite of what is good. Is that cool? We don’t have to get bogged down in what we think is good and evil today because in the story it was a simple choice. And that’s the first clue.

In the garden of Eden, the thing that trespassed the good wasn’t the breaking of the ten commandments or the other laws, it was simply eating from a tree. What does this mean? It means that God never told Adam and Eve how vast evil could be, He just boiled it down to eating from a tree. We took it from there and explored it well, all the way to the splitting of the atom. It was from our beginning discoveries of evil that God revealed the commandments to humanity. The evil that we see today came from us and our imaginations not God’s. God simply allowed the option so that we could be created with personal agency.”

At this blog site we talk about our Core FOUR Sequence (an impression of our personal agency and levers of our self control.) Humanity has imagined all types of evil and has manifested all of them. But we are in control of our actions aren’t we?

So the question isn’t “why is there evil in the world”, it’s “why have we been birthed with the ability to overcome it but don’t or can’t?” Do you think we need help? A savior? It feels like evil has humanity in the middle of the ring at a Royal Rumble in a figure-four leg-lock! We gon tag or nah?

Christians reveal evil too (similar to what the Good Samaritan story portrays and worse). The reasons we (Christians) can go to church, lift our hands praising God then leave and still hate others is because we have disassociated the gospel from its main purpose – family. And I don’t mean family within the denominations we’ve created but family first with ALL believers and the same level of committed love to every one else (Galatians 6:10). Everyone. We attempt to “do right” in hope of favor and blessing from God and for us to feel good about our “connection with God” but often not to actually connect with others in a real life-confirming way.

Until we hold that mind changing perspective and allow God to work in and through us, how can we end evil in our lives then in the life of a society?

As a Christian, I don’t believe that we can get evil out of humanity without God. Human governments can’t do it…at least we haven’t found anything yet. At best it constructs its version of penal codes that usher those who are overcome by evil into the place created for them – prison.

How then do we journey from evil as humanity? The Bible says we have to change what we think Life is about. The message of the cross is the beginning of that journey. Christians who have taken up this journey understands that a mature mind demands the expression of good potential, even if it must crawl through failure to manifest it. Push Forward!

I may be wrong with what I’ve expressed here or inaccurate with my understandings. I’m open for the discussion if you feel that is the case.

My prayers and condolences to all the victims of gun violence and evil in general. #Yeshua #LordOfTheBreakthrough

How do you see the question of evil in our world?

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved


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  1. Your thoughts in Mile 127 is right on. Our Creator gives us free choice; it is unfortunate that many individuals take the time to foster hatred which eats at the very core of their being and they are either unwilling to change or do not want to . My prayers, too, are with the families who lost their loved ones. And to those who are recovering gun-shot wounds, may God give each one the courage to say “I choose to forgive; give me your hand hand and let us walk together in love.”



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